In the past we have instructed National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) to carry out commercial valuations. We have found that the team are professional and approachable with any queries we had. Trevor and the team were extremely thorough with their inspections and the final reports are very detailed. The information outlined in the report allowed us to make decisions regarding our investments with confidence. I would highly recommend National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) and will be using them for any future valuations.

Andy TaylorPrime Construction

Over the years there has been many opportunities where we have needed a valuation to be done. I have found National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) to be an absolute delight to work with. Their expertise in the field is obvious and their friendly and professional staff make the whole process run smoothly from start to finish. Congratulations on your success so far.
This is a testimonials from a very happy client. Will use National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) again. They were spot on.

Russell KeirKeir Construction

Our company MiHaven is a boutique property developer based in Cairns. We have engaged National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) to assist us on a range of projects. I highly recommend National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) for their professionalism, attention to detail and in-depth level of knowledge of the local market. Trevor and his team are a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation recommending National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) to my friends and business colleague.

Sarah MortMiHaven

As a lawyer there are many instances when an accurate valuation report is required by our clients. For commercial and corporate deals and negotiations it is essential that the report is completed in a timely and unbiased manner. National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers) have proved to be very capable in their knowledge, experience and skillset which is essential in making the process smooth for our clients in the cut and thrust of a significant transaction. I look forward to further working with Trevor and his friendly team.

Luckbir SinghMacDonnells Law