There are a few things that you can do to get the best potential valuation for your property.

  1. Make sure your gardens are looking at their best. First impressions are always essential.Having your front yard and back yard neatly trimmed and looking at its best, will make a great First Impression.
  2. The entrance to your house should be clutter free, pick and put away all shoes,and whatever else you dump at the front door for ease of convience. This is also relevant for any clutter in the rest of the house,pick up things off the floor and put them away out of sight.Clear all your counter tops and benches.
  3. Make sure your bathroom has no wet towels lying on the floor and bench tops are clear, and shower is relatively clean,with no mildew showing. A quick going over with a commercial or natural cleaning product will make your bathroom look its best. The same goes for your toilet,make sure it has been cleaned and no empty toilet rolls are left on the floor.
  4. If at all possible get any broken fittings fixed both inside and out. Try and not leave broken light fittings or doors hanging. Get them fixed before the valuer comes,if possible complete any unfinished innovations before the inspection also. To make your property look at its best.
  5. The main aim is to show off your property,so that you can get the best valuation possible. For refinancing your existing loan or to achieve the best sale price,if you are putting your property on the market. It does not have to have the best of furnishings or fittings,your home just has to be tidy and clean and be shown to its best potential.