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    Do you own investment property? Let us handle your tax benefits.

    Getting a depreciation schedule done is essential for all property investors in order to minimize the tax paid while maximising the return on investment. No matter what type of investment you specialise in, be it residential, commercial, or rural.

    A depreciation schedule is essential!

    Depreciation Schedule FAQs

    Find out how to maximise the value of your investment.

    What is a depreciation schedule?

    A depreciation schedule outlines all tax depreciation and building write-off claims for an investment property. Based on your allowances the report will calculate the maximum amount deductable from your yearly tax return.

    What are the benefits of a depreciation schedule?

    Depreciation schedules are beneficial for investors as they can increase the value of the investment property by reducing the amount of tax payable and therefore increasing the returns. If your property is negatively-geared you can also improve your cash flow by reducing your taxable income and paying less tax. The money you have saved can then be directed back into further investments or reducing mortgage debt.

    What is involved in conducting a depreciation schedule?

    There are two types of allowances involved in a depreciation schedule. Plant and Equipment refers to items within or fitted to the building such as ovens, air conditioning, floor coverings, blinds etc. Then there is building allowance which refers to the construction costs of the building.

    Our depreciation schedules contain an itemized list of all relevant items.

    What is the benefit of getting a depreciation schedule completed through National Pacific Valuers (NP Valuers)?

    Our team of expert valuers work in conjunction with Quantity Surveyors to get you the most accurate report possible. Our valuer will inspect the property to identify all the relevant improvements, fittings and fixtures, draw up a measured floor plan, identify the builder and relevant details. This allows you to be sure you are getting an incredibly high standard of work from trusted and well respected professionals. Our teams are local in Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Cassowary Coast and Ingham. We understand the needs specific to each region.

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